Lexi Ann
Metro Detroit

Bio: ॐ Yoga Teacher, Beachbody Coach & University of Michigan Student who tailors to individual wants and needs a little motivation and inspiration at a time. My calling in alternative health has lead me to continuously strive towards spreading wellness, teaching yoga and sharing the same personal benefits I've discovered along my fitness and health journey accompanied by BeachBody. I first developed an interest for yoga in my early teenage years after struggling with an array of sports injuries and as well as chronic insomnia and thyroid issues. In time, these health concerns guided me to taking personal ownership of my health, something I believe all people are capable of with the proper push. Teaching yoga and becoming a BeachBody coach has been such a natural process and my passion to share with others is undeniably strong. I fully understand the pressures, busyness, and stressfulness children, teenagers and adults all face on a day-to-day basis which is why I strive to guide all age groups to lead a healthier life with me by their side and discover all of exercise, nutrition, yoga, and meditation's beautiful benefits. I provide Beachbody coaching and discounted products and exercise programs including kickstarts and Shakeology through my BeachBody website. I'm a member of the "Free to be Fit" team and we hold on-going group challenges to help everyone stay motivated with their fitness/health goals. Please feel free to contact me in regards to any and all questions! Namaste ॐ

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