About the Team

freetobefitahtleticsOne of the things that sets Beachbody and Team Free to be Fit apart from the others is that we all work towards Beachbody’s mission statement of “helping people achieve their goals and live a healthy and fulfilling life.” Team Free to be Fit is not just about helping people transform their lives physically but helping them realize their full potential. Beachbody gave me the ability to take control of my health and finances and develop some truly big dreams. We are a direct reflection of the passion that my coach and I have for the company that gave us the freedom to chase our passions and follow our bliss. We are a growing group of people who want to help people realize their potential and find freedom from what is holding them back. I could not be more proud than I am to be a part of such an amazing group of people who are doing so much to help people find freedom and happiness. What sets us apart is that we are a Team, we all work to help each other succeed and grow and we take joy in each others successes. If this accountability team sounds like something you’d enjoy being a part of visit my Join the Team page or email me with any questions at lexiannwellness@gmail.com

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